Dragons and Dinos!

When I heard that the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History was bringing in the Jurrasic World exhibit, I knew I wanted to go. So I planned a trip up to go with Nate and Kimberly and the girls. Then I roped Nicki into going with me so I didn’t have to drive all that way alone. 🙂

On the road!

First we spent the afternoon at Navy Pier. We took a ride on the Seadog, did a photo shoot on the Pier, rode the Ferris Wheel and the swings and then had dinner with Nate, Kimberly and the girls before heading to Jurrasic World!

Seadog ride!

It’s time!!

This dinosaur greeted us when we walked in and it followed us around! Totally blown away!

The next day we headed to Brookfield Zoo where I read you could see a real komodo dragon! Since Patrick has been into dragons and he really wants to see a komodo dragon, I jumped at the chance!

Unfortunately, the komodo dragon was just a couple of years old and really small. See if you can find it in the picture: We had a great time! You can see ALL the pics in the June album.

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Finished with Year 18

Brittany and I have been together the last three years at three different jobs. We figured we work together so well, we’ll stick together another year! 🙂

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Last Day

Finished with 3rd and 5th.

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Patrick’s Poem Cafe

Patrick’s class held a poetry reading. They wrote poems and then shared them with friends and family. It was quite intimidating as the microphone was in the center of the gym and they had to walk alone and read their poems. Some kids handled it quite well, others were very nervous.  Here’s Patrick’s performance.

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Back to Back At Bats

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