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When Mac had a project to do last year, Shannon introduced him to the glue gun. He helped him create a long house with it and it was incredible. This year, Mac had another project assigned. Mac remembered the glue gun and got to work on his own this time. He had to create a scene from a book of his choosing. Of course he chose Star Wars. Here’s Anakin’s pod racing scene.

*Please note that to Mac’s eyes green is brown…
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Happy Birthday, Nate!

We went to dinner with Nate to celebrate his birthday while they were in town. I took some fun pics…except of him. And he sat next to me!! Fail. But we did have a blast.

These two are really kindred spirits.

He was mesmerized.

Then quite entertained!

So in honor of his birthday, since I didn’t get a pic with him, I’ll post one of my favorites of us.

Happy birthday, Nate!

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Go Cubs, Go

Luke bought us tickets to a local fundraiser that brought Cubs players to town. We were very excited to meet and get autographs from Ross and Schwarber and see Sandberg again. Nate made the trip down and we got to our table with so much anticipation. We had a great time shopping at the silent auction. I may have tried on the championship ring!

We kill it at selfies! 🙂

I didn’t realize how much I missed baseball till we all burst out in Go Cubs, Go!

As the night wore on, it became quite clear that there would be no meet and greet time with the players.

This was on extreme zoom…

These really were the best pics we could get of them.

Between activities we tried to be some of the lucky few who got pics with them. But it didn’t happen for us. Until I had to make a bathroom trip. Look who followed me!

Once I realized that Ross was behind me, I quickly got my camera out and snapped away! I know, you’re jealous. 🙂 Nicki did get a formal pic with him (along with an apology for covering her camera with his hand as he walked by our table!) when she bought a painting of him that was done live while we were there. That was a fun moment, too!

In spite of the disappointment of not getting autographs and pics, it was a pleasant evening of loud music, open bar and some of my favorite people with me.

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Star Wars Snowflakes

I found a tutorial on Facebook for Star Wars snowflakes. The mom who blogged it has boys younger than mine and said that it was fun and pretty easy to do. So I thought, why not. Turns out it wasn’t super difficult, but it did require that I do most of the cutting as you have to use an Xacto knife. (I made Nicki come over and help me figure it out!) But Mac did one all by himself! So, not too hard. Here’s what we came up with.

Mac did this one by himself.

And they’re a great January decoration for the front room!

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