It’s been a long winter already…

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Happy New Year!

I wimped out this year due to the cold weather and we stayed home this year. Turns out we had a great evening with the boys.

We created our own version of Pictionary. The boys rocked it with their drawings.

Patrick wanted it noted (by taking a picture) that he guessed three pictures correctly. He was afraid he wasn’t going to get any at one point! And Mac got to hear his favorite band Imagine Dragons for the last concert performance before the countdown to midnight!

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

All of Christmas here!

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Cookie day!

I had great plans to bake and decorate Christmas cookies while Shannon was at sound. The day started out great. The boys and I ran errands. By the time we finished our shopping for Daddy and finally made it home after dinner, it was a little later than I thought. But it was fine. We still had time. So we got busy baking.

Then Shannon got home from church…and the new gun game was ready and just HAD to be tried. So I lost my decorators!

So there sat my cookies. Not decorated.

Till Christmas Eve. I decided to just add a little color to them. It was okay…but not the same as the fun evening I had planned. Until one of my favorite people joined me.

We even had a little competition with making faces with the icing. He said he could do better than my guy on the left. He was right. His was so much better!

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Winter Band Concert

Mac’s first performance was with the sixth grade band.

His second performance was the jazz band. He was especially nervous and excited to perform with these more seasoned performers! And he did a great job! Nothing to be nervous about. 🙂

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