This weekend, Mac and I were snuggling on the couch.  I was feeling very content with our life.  So I asked Mac, “What is your favorite thing about our life?”  I expected him to say all the video games we had or his tablet as both boys are totally in love with those.  He snuggled in deeper and I thought, Oooo, maybe it’s me he loves the most! But then he said the thing that made me the happiest any answer ever could….

“That I have a brother.”


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The Other Room

I figured since our guest room is only used a couple of days out of the year, I would hook the Wii up in there so the boys don’t have to play that in my room.  They were so happy to get the Wii back up and running (it’s been in a closet since we moved!).  They moved their chairs right in and got settled.

IMG_3268 IMG_3269

The next day, I noticed this sign outside the door to the room.


So if you come stay with us, you’ll be sleeping in the game room. :)

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But No Elephants

I have several books from my childhood.  I’m not sure how I ended up with the ones I did. I never know which book belonged to which sibling, but I do know that I had a few favorites.  One of them was But No Elephants. It’s a cute story of a little old lady that takes in animals and…well, you should read the book.  It’s adorable!  Now that Mac reads, he enjoys it as well.

IMG_3314 IMG_3312Which makes me happy. :)

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A Weird Moment

This is a text conversation I had today.


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Just another snow day

With all of our snow, I had stopped taking pics of the kids in the snow as they all just seemed to look the same. But this last time, I resurrected the camera and snapped away once again!  I went out at the beginning, but then snapped from the warmth of my couch in the sun room. So each picture has its own special lighting. :)


IMG_3388 P1030104 P1030106


They found some icicles on the rose bushes and decided to write/draw in the snow.P1030113

P1030121 P1030120 P1030128


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