Happy 18th anniversary to my love.


Not only is he the best husband, he rocks the dad thing, too.


I love you, Shannon Paul. The last 18 years have been a blast.
Literally. So very happy with you. Thank you!

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2016 Fourth of July

What a great weekend it was. All four of my siblings were home. First time since Tara and Tom’s wedding that we were all together. We took time for a few photo ops! Here was our accidental selfie that happened to get everyone while trying to get the front facing camera going.



We had a wonderful picnic on the fourth. The rain held out and it was a pleasant day!


I remembered shirts this year!
(Okay, Nicki reminded me and took me to Old Navy for them!)IMG_2851 P1040859

Somehow it turned out fuzzy.P1040855 IMG_2910

Finally back to Champaign for fireworks!!

The whole weekend and pics are here.

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Another season is behind us. Mac had a great season and really enjoyed his time as he improved. Patrick’s season was a little more frustrating. He got on a team of all first year kids and a first year coach….so needless to say, they didn’t win one game. It really made it hard to go some games, but he did a great job at the plate as always.

IMG_1980 IMG_2697 IMG_2700

Here are clips from each of their season. Enjoy!


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Disney Day 6

Day 6 arrived with just as much excitement as Day 1 and traveling down.  It was STAR WARS DAY at Hollywood Studios!!! Unfortunately for Shannon, he woke up with a sinus attack and was miserable. But he was such a great sport and had fun with us even in his misery. We arrived at opening time and beat the crowds for our first activities. It was so nice not to have tons of people all around us!


First up was meeting Kylo Ren. We had heard he was intimidating and not a super friendly character like the others you imagine meeting at Disney. That was the truth! We were put in a room by ourselves with just him. He tried to convince us to come to the Dark Side. Even yelling at each of us when we started to laugh. I was very uncomfortable as he posed next to me for the formal picture! And this experience also brought us our favorite moment from the whole trip. When we were about to leave, Riley asked him if she could touch him. He bent at the waist, went almost nose to nose with her and said, “ABSOLUTELY NOT.” You really had to be there, but it was so funny.


The boys each loved seeing props from the movie. Here we are checking out Yoda’s light saber!


Next up was our Chewbacca experience! He was much more friendly. 🙂

IMG_2976 STUDIO_LBLGHTSDECHAR1_20160624_7725485235

Shannon was very happy to meet Chewy.STUDIO_LBLGHTSDECHAR1_20160624_7725487757IMG_2533As we were walking to our next ride, the March of the First Order went right by us!

Next up was Jedi Training! Check it out!!!

STUDIO_JTA2_20160624_7726003380 STUDIO_JTA2_20160624_7728776147 STUDIO_JTA2_20160624_7729563343 STUDIO_JTA2_20160624_7729563344 IMG_3031

We finished our incredible day with more Toy Story love,IMG_3178

Mickey Mouse,STUDIO_REDCARPETBCHAR_20160624_7725688631

and the Rock ‘n Roller coaster! Patrick’s first upside down roller coaster. He LOVED it despite this picture. 🙂

This day was full of so much fun. You’ll want to see all the Day 6 pictures for sure.

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Disney Day 5

Day 5 was the water park day! We were so excited to go. The boys couldn’t wait to swim with Daddy. We arrived and began our way down the path. The kids found a look out spot and checked it out from afar.


Then we got down there. Sand everywhere. For me that meant trouble. My scooter doesn’t like sand. I don’t like sand because it’s annoying. After complaining for a moment, I found a place to park, secured our things so they wouldn’t get wet (including my phone/camera) and everyone went on their way. The boys went with Daddy to the wave pool and spent most of their time riding the enormous waves then ended the day with the lazy river. They had a great time. Mommy had an interesting time. I decided to sit on a bench seat at the back of the wave pool in the shallow area. I could watch the wave jumpers when the tidal waves came but be safely seated away from the actual wave. So I sat and observed for awhile. Then the warning siren sounded and saw the elderly couple sitting next to me bracing themselves. They were turning around and holding on to the back of our bench seats. I thought, Oh, old people. Can’t take a little splash from the wave? Haha.

Then the tidal wave hit. And I went flying into the old guy-next-to-me’s lap…I was not safe here! So for the next hour, every 2-3 minutes I braced myself against the rocks and tried not to go flying with each wave.

Once we were done trying to wipe all the sand off of us and all of our belongings…we were off to get ready for our safari dinner!

IMG_2466 IMG_2471 IMG_2966 IMG_2971

And the most delicious and beautiful dessert ever!

And the most delicious and beautiful dessert ever!

See Day 5 pictures here!

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