Opening Day

In honor of opening day.


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Happy Birthday, Patrix!

Patrick turned 9 this year. In honor of him, we had friends and family come once again for cake and ice cream and presents. He was a little sad when he realized it was a weeknight and we couldn’t be going to Jupiters, however, I don’t think he was disappointed in the end. 🙂

Ready for the day!

Daddy’s present to him: brown socks. He kept telling him that’s what we got him. He didn’t believe him…

He liked Mac’s present much more.

And finally, his microscope!

See all the fun here!

And the fun kept going the following week as presents kept coming in. 🙂

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Latest project

When Mac had a project to do last year, Shannon introduced him to the glue gun. He helped him create a long house with it and it was incredible. This year, Mac had another project assigned. Mac remembered the glue gun and got to work on his own this time. He had to create a scene from a book of his choosing. Of course he chose Star Wars. Here’s Anakin’s pod racing scene.

*Please note that to Mac’s eyes green is brown…
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Happy Birthday, Nate!

We went to dinner with Nate to celebrate his birthday while they were in town. I took some fun pics…except of him. And he sat next to me!! Fail. But we did have a blast.

These two are really kindred spirits.

He was mesmerized.

Then quite entertained!

So in honor of his birthday, since I didn’t get a pic with him, I’ll post one of my favorites of us.

Happy birthday, Nate!

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